Turning a year older

Birthday Cake by the kidsI turned 33 last week. As always it was an uneventful birthday with a few calls/texts from close friends and family. Unlike when I was turning 30, this July 3rd I was actually at peace and quite happy to be year older and wiser. I got a wonderful spa surprise from hubby – a couple massage after work a day before my birthday. On the day itself, he turned up at work with flowers, not that I care much for bouquets – it was however a lovely gesture. The highlight of the day was the kids baking a cake for me (with the help of my helper of course) and decorating the house with balloons, and managing to keep all of this a surprise!

My older kiddo was actually enjoying the whole process of planning a surprise for me, with a glint in eye he refused to divulge any details when I probed a day earlier. He also prepared a birthday card for me with ‘hapebade’ or something similar written on it. Making a card to him means taking any piece of paper and folding it into two. The younger one couldn’t care two hoots about anything but eating the cake. He wished me ‘Happy birthday mamma, can I have the cake now?”

Anywho, since this birthday I’m actively blogging, I thought it was about time I make a bucket list. Here is my list of 30 things I want to do before I pop..

1. Learn how to code

Pick up a programming language

2. Visit a safari in Tanzania

Tanzania safari

3. Live in this underwater hotel room in Africa – The Manta Resort

The Manta Resort

4. Freelance as a social media consultant

Social Media Consulting

5. Visit Iceland for Aurora Borealis


6. Make pasta from scratch

Pasta Making

7. Climb Kilimanjaro


8. Learn CPR


9. Learn origami


10. Learn to ski


11. Study the game theory (again!)

Game Theory

12. Learn taiko


13. Move to California


14. Grow a vegetable garden

Vegetable Garden

15. Start a not for profit organization


16. Turn vegetarian


17. Run a marathon


18. Visit at least one South American country

South America

19. Teach my kids fluent Hindi


20. Learn backstroke


21. Work in New York (even if for a few weeks/months!)

New York City

22. Attend a vipassana course


23. Live without phone/internet connectivity for a month


24. Stay in this treehouse at the Tranquil Resort, Kerala.

Tranquil Resort

25. Be a part of a flash mob

Flash Mob

26. Paint a canvas and display at home


27. Learn to sew half as well as my mom


28. Try fly boarding

Fly Board

29. Take at least one holiday a year with my besties

Best Friends

30. Raise healthy, happy and connected kids

My kids


10 thoughts on “Turning a year older

    • Oh wow, happy birthday fellow Cancerian! Yes, its been a great experience writing this list, it helped me make things clearer in my head. I was on the borderline about having a third kid, now I know for sure I don’t want one more!

  1. Aha! I too have a bucket list… although I prefer to call it my – Do it now list 🙂
    I have some of yours on my list … becoming a vegetarian, actually a vegan… sigh. I love cheese. Um, I have some adventure too but a safari would be fantastic now wouldn’t it?
    Oh and if you move to California, which part would you like to move to. I live in Northern CA.

    • Thanks for reading! Do share your list! I think when I turn 36 I’ll write an updated list and that would include me turning vegan, one step at a time for me! I’m certain I want to stop eating meat, but still not sure about diary. I’ve always been a city girl and San Fransisco really seduced me, would love to live there and explore the rest of the state.. Were you born and brought up there or moved to CA? Lucky you!

      • I would love to share my list. Hmmm, dairy is very tricky for me. I have tummy issues with too much dairy so that is motivation to limit my intake. There are so many options now that I don’t always miss it.
        I wasn’t born here, I moved from Australia where I grew up and it feels so much like Sydney. It is an amazing city.

      • Wow, down under! I absolutely love Melbourne, Sydney too. But Melbourne has this charm about it, like a quaint European city. Thats second on my list to move to if California doesnt work out 😉

  2. What a lovely post KK! Bless you. You have inspired me to come up with my own list. I’m so glad i stumbled upon your blog today. And yes I am also inspird to write my own.


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