Happy birthday!

Dear Ayaan,

You are 2 years old today! Happy birthday, buddy! I can’t believe you are such a big boy now, in fact you’re technically a preschooler, no longer a toddler! And rightly so, as you definitely don’t ‘toddle’ anymore, you no longer have your stubby little toddler legs and you talk like a Pro!

You love story books, hand puppets, swimming, drawing and painting, blowing candles (pretending to!) and of course talking! Your favorite rhymes are If you’re Happy and You Know It and London Bridge is Falling Down. Not a day goes without you playing them and singing/dancing to the tunes or talking about them (How did the bridge fall? Who will put it back? Will the construction man wear helmet? Etc etc)

Your questions and ‘why’s’ are endless now and either you don’t trust us with the answers or you need to hear them over and over again, but you don’t stop at asking just once! You are also very much into ‘developmentally appropriate behavior’ as they call it – hitting (at-least it’s only reserved for dadda n mamma!), asking for something and crying if I give it to you, wanting to do EVERYTHING by yourself (life is crawling but I don’t mind now do I!).

You love playing with water, and have routinely tried to flood the kitchen or bathroom sink under the pretext of ‘washing dishes’ or brushing teeth! And let’s not even get started on your obsession for flushing the toilet! Needless to say bath time is your most favorite time!

You’re a complete daddas boy, you love running with him, playing ball and rough housing! Watching dadda shave is also one of your most favorite things to do. You also seem to be picking up lawyer-like negotiation skills from your dad! Your opening line when asking for something you are not supposed to be playing with is “I’ll be very careful mamma, I will hold it so tight, I won’t open it. Ok?” How do you say no to that! If I tell you something’s not for kids, your instant retort is “I’ve growed up mamma, I’m a big boy now”! You do keep things interesting around here with all this talking, or by wearing swimming goggles during lunch, or pretending to be a waiter serving me lunch or exchanging pleasantries with inanimate objects!

You’re not even as old as my newest pair of sneakers, but I can’t imagine my life without you! Happy birthday, little man. I love you.